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What are the primary functions of Washington’s Secretary of State?

Well, let’s look at this role with intention. The Secretary of State is the state’s chief elections officer,
chief corporations officer, and supervisor of the State Archives. The duties of the office are specified in
Article III, Section 17 of the Washington State Constitution and Chapter 43.07 RCW. The annual salary is

Responsibilities of the Secretary of State include:
Supervising state and local elections, and certifying the results of state primaries and general elections.
Filing and verifying initiatives and referendums.
Producing and distributing the state voters’ pamphlet and election-notice legal advertising.
Registering private corporations, limited partnerships, and trademarks.
Registering individuals, organizations, and commercial fundraisers involved in charitable solicitations.
Administering the state’s Address Confidentiality Program for survivors of domestic violence, sexual
assault, and stalking.
Collecting and preserving the historical records of the state, and making those records available for
Coordinating implementation of the state’s records management laws.
Affixing the State Seal and attesting to commissions, pardons, and other documents to which the
signature of the Governor is required.
Regulating the use of the State Seal.
Filing or attesting to official acts of the Legislature and Governor.
Certifying to the Legislature all matters legally required to be certified.

The Office of the Secretary of State promotes public trust by:
Safeguarding vital government records, documents, publications, and process
Preserving the integrity of elections in Washington State
Providing the business community and public with easy access to information about corporations and
Performing public outreach to improve civic knowledge and participation
Leveraging technology to improve efficiency and enhance customer service
As we can see, the primary and number one responsibility is supervising state and local elections. How is
that working out for you, Washington State?
According to Seth Keshel, “The Heritage Foundation’s Election Integrity Scorecard is an assessment of
each state’s voting laws, written regulations, and procedures. Washington was ranked equal 45th out of

  1. Seth estimates that there may be approximately 333,000 votes for Biden over what Washington
    registration trends would indicate — a possible indicator of fraud. Counties with the greatest number of
    excess votes deserve closer inspection. Seth has listed Washington’s Clark, Pierce, and Spokane counties
    as being among the Nation’s Top 100 Worst Counties in terms of abnormal trends during the 2020

Now check this out!
Washington’s Total Score 42%
Voter ID Implementation 35%
Accuracy of Voter Registration Lists 87%
Absentee Ballot Management 19%

Vote Harvesting/Trafficking Restrictions 0%
Access of Election Observers 100%
Verification of Citizenship 0%
Identification for Voter Assistance 0%
Vote Counting Practices 67%
Election Litigation Procedures 0%
Restriction of Same-day Registration 0%
Restriction of Automatic Registration 0%
Restriction of Private Funding of Election Officials or Government Agencies 0%
There is NO verification of Citizenship.
There is NO Identification for Voter Assistance
There is NO restriction on Voter Registration.
Are you kidding me? This is out of control. We need a Secretary of State that is going to bring our
elections back to fairness and justice.
The Secretary of State’s Office affects everything.
Our state elections need to be free, fair, and transparent.
This is the solution. We need to get back to in-person voting with proof of citizenship. There is only an
election day. Not an election week where cheaters can find fake ballots and make them suddenly appear
of out nowhere. There is a great need for election observers on both sides of the aisle, but even with
that, if anyone can vote without proof of citizenship, then we are still losing this battle.
This November voters have a choice of three candidates.
Steve Hobbs- He was appointed by Inslee and will do nothing to change our elections and voting
Julie Anderson- Julie Anderson wants ranked-choice voting. There will be no top two you would vote on
a number.
But there is hope! We have a write-in candidate in November for Secretary of State-Brad Klippert
Brad Klippert promises to do these five things for fair and just Washington State Elections:

  1. Ensure that Washington State Elections will be secure, full of integrity, and transparent
  2. Ensure all Washington State Voters are American Citizens. This will require a voter ID.
  3. Eliminate “Mail-in-Voting” and Restore in Person voting.
  4. Make Election Day a holiday where people can vote, watch the process, get together with
    friends and families, and enjoy the day.
  5. Oppose “Rank Choice Voting” This is a method of voting in which voters rank candidates or
    courses of action in order of preference, instead of making a single choice.
    Washington’s voice, YOUR Voice, begins with open and honest elections because that is how the
    people’s choices are made. Justice begins here. Public Safety begins with elected public
    policymakers. Lawmaking begins with fair elections. Do you believe that our election systems are
    manipulated? Do you worry about stolen elections?
    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the choice is clear.
    Vote for Brad Klippert by writing
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