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They Don’t Care About Your Kids – Wake the Hell Up!

By: Millions Against Medical Mandates Collaborative Committee

Public Health Wants Us To Give Our Children the COVID Jab – Tell them ‘No Thanks!’

No apologies for the bold title of this article – our lives and, more importantly, the lives of our children are at stake. So put down your latte, turn off that CNN, and wake the hell up!

We are all tired of the COVID pandemic and never-ending fear-mongering. We were told again and again that if we just complied with their latest measure, then everything would be okay. 

We were told lockdowns would stop the pandemic. But, according to a John Hopkins study, they didn’t. The lockdowns had no effect, and they hurt many people in the process, with the poor working class hurt worst of all.

We were told masking would stop the pandemic. However, numerous studies have shown masking’s ineffectiveness, including a randomized controlled trial done on masking in Denmark, a new randomized controlled trial done in Finland schools, and a litany of peer-reviewed research (and here also). Masking has failed to hold up in live scientific debate. Even the Atlantic has been critical of the CDC’s school masking policies. Despite this data, mask-happy governors still pushed on with masking mandates

Then, we were told by President Biden that the COVID vaccine would “get us back to normal.” So a large proportion of the populace got the COVID vaccine. We know how this story goes. The Omicron variant blew up despite these efforts and over 37 million people in America got Omicron.

Moreover, the CDC acknowledged that the COVID vaccine does not prevent transmission of the virus, thus making it doubtful that COVID vaccination can lead to herd immunity. On the other hand, according to the experts, natural infection from Omicron can shut down the pandemic.

In light of this pandemic-response debacle, government public health has yet another intrusion planned for us – this June 2022, the FDA is looking to approve the use of COVID vaccines for children under five years old

Look, folks, this is not a new story, and neither is the conclusion – the data is clear that children do not need this unsafe jab which needlessly puts them at risk. 

Why Kids Don’t Need the COVID Jab

The rest of the states have something to learn from Florida. On March 7, the Florida Surgeon general Joseph Ladapo announced that the Florida Department of Health recommends against the COVID jab for children. 

A Wall Street op-ed “Healthy Children Don’t Need Covid Vaccines” supported this decision and explained it – there is no scientific justification for giving the COVID jab to children. The infection fatality rate is incredibly low for children under 18 years old, between 0.0023% and 0.0085%. This IFR translates to 2.3 to 8.5 per 100,000 children, roughly around the same level as also-rare childhood suicide.

An analysis done on children in the UK at the height of the pandemic in 2020 showed that children dying from COVID had the same odds as being struck by lightning. Professor Robert Dingwall, a member of the UK New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (NERVTAG), said we should likely be more worried about children dying from traffic accidents than COVID. 

Dr. Martin Kulldorff has corroborated this low risk of death to children in his article “COVID-19 Counter Measures Should be Age-Specific.” He calculated the risk of death to be less than 1 in 89,000. Furthermore, he argued that it would be inappropriate to apply the same interventions for high-risk elderly to low-risk children.

With such a low risk of death, the obvious question for a parent is, given the limited benefits, what are the negatives to giving the COVID vaccine to their child?  

Should Parents Be Concerned About A Rushed COVID Vaccine?

The COVID vaccines were rushed to imminently deal with the pandemic. What usually would have taken over a decade was compressed into a little under a year by Operation Warp Speed

While public health hailed the COVID vaccines as a triumph, it quickly became apparent that these were not your typical traditional vaccines. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines utilize novel mRNA technology, which lacks long-term safety testing. These vaccines are currently offered to the public under FDA Emergency Use Authorization.  

Also problematic was that these vaccines would induce the body’s cells to produce the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Research has shown that the COVID spike protein itself is harmful, a fact which would call into question the wisdom of having healthy bodies produce it. 

Also, there is the possibility of autoimmune disease from the vaccines. The spike protein’s genetic sequence has been found to be  similar enough to the body such that COVID spike protein antibodies could attack the body itself. The empirical evidence backs up the autoimmunity risk.

Public health officials need to ask themselves, “What signals should we look for to ascertain COVID vaccines are safe?” Unfortunately, as we will see, the health authorities have repeatedly failed to answer this question for the public. 

The answer should become clear – Children should NEVER receive these experimental shots that have already been proven dangerous to them.

Why Does Big Pharma Want To Hide COVID Vaccine Safety Data?

The American public isn’t stupid. So when authorities dodge questions, we can tell something is going on. 

Relatedly, rather than be transparent with its safety data, Pfizer wanted to hide its vaccine trial data for over 75 years, a time period after which many of the vaccine recipients would be dead. In response, Texas District Judge Mark Pittman ordered the release of the Pfizer documents within an 8-month period instead of over the next 75 years.

Examining the cadre that has been released thus far, let’s look at what Pfizer was so eager to hide:

  • There were 1,223 deaths reported in the first 25 days after injection.
  • These same documents showed that Pfizer hired 600 extra staff members (with a plan to increase to 1,800) to deal with the avalanche of reports of adverse reactions that occurred after individuals received a COVID injection.
  • Over 1,000 serious side effects (filling 30 pages) were listed in these documents including but certainly not limited to – autoimmune illnesses, blindness, blood clotting, Crohn’s disease, liver failure, diabetes, myocarditis, bowel disease, and deafness. 

From a safety standpoint, the data mentioned above is very concerning. It is disturbing that a court judge had to release these documents to the public rather than for the public health authorities to provide them to the public with transparency. 

A Wave of COVID Vaccine Injury Shows It is Unsafe

Perhaps the most damning thing about the COVID vaccines is the many reports of severe injury and death after receiving the COVID vaccine. 

To public health officials, we have just become numbers and potential “disease vectors.” The human element has been lost, and medicine deliberately forgets the stories of people affected by vaccine injury. 

One such person that has been affected by a COVID vaccine is acclaimed musician Eric Clapton. He suffered a debilitating injury after his 2nd shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine and regrets taking the jab. 

Mr. Clapton’s story isn’t an isolated one. Jennifer Deason Sprague, a healthy 60-year-old woman from Missouri, took the two doses of the Pfizer vaccine and developed Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), a fatal degenerative brain disorder. She passed away five months later. Unfortunately, there are many such stories whose lives have been affected negatively by the COVID vaccines.

As of April 29, 2022, the US government Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) showed a total of 1,255,355 cases of adverse reactions filed following COVID -19 injections. These include 27,758 deaths, 155,633 hospitalizations, and 51,600 permanent disabilities. In children ages 5-17, there are now 47,736 reports of adverse events in children ages 5-17 following the Covid shot (see the summarized COVID vaccine injury data here).

However, public health authorities have repeatedly relied on fact-checks to deny the association with actual deaths from COVID vaccines, dismissing the VAERS numbers as not strong enough to “prove causality.” Public health acts as though it is in denial of the obvious.

Have public health authorities missed a vital safety signal? The sheer number of vaccine injury and deaths reports is staggering compared to previous years. Moreover, the same injuries are reported repeatedly after COVID vaccine receipt. 

In a May 2021 show, political commentator Tucker Carlson stated a very crucial fact that should give us pause: “more deaths have been reported from the Covid vaccine in four months than from all other vaccines combined in more than a decade and a half.”

When Tucker Carlson’s show aired in May 2021, the reported death count from COVID vaccine was 3,722 deaths. A year later, this reported death number from COVID vaccines has increased by nearly 700%. 

Further denoting the harms of the COVID vaccine is this analysis  by expert statistician, Dr. Jessica Rose, who  found that most vaccine injuries occur right after taking the vaccine.

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Public health authorities are missing the obvious question – if this vaccine is so safe, why are there a suspiciously high number of emergency room visits and deaths in the days following COVID vaccination? When did adults suddenly dropping dead become the norm?

Why are the “Safe” Covid Vaccines Causing Heart Damage?

There is the problem of myocarditis. Health authorities have acknowledged that receipt of a COVID vaccine can lead to myocarditis, inflammation of the myocardium of the heart, serious enough that it can lead to death. The causal link is supported by a litany of research papers.

In a COVID vaccine/myocarditis analysis done by Dr. Jessica Rose, she reported the following data by the CDC:

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Dr. Rose commented: “This chart indicates that even if we take the highest expected value for males, the observed value is still 11 times higher. If we take the lowest value, it’s 132 times higher. The observed rate is 20 times the expected in boys ages 12-17. You get the drift.”

Public health authorities have tried to minimize the harms of myocarditis, saying it is mild or self-resolving. But, according to Dr. Rose and Dr. Peter McCullough, the damage from myocarditis results in permanent scarring. 

Deaths from myocarditis can and do happen, as detailed here in this case study of a 22-year-old man who developed chest pain five days after the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and died 7 hours later. From the public’s standpoint, this is unacceptable.

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According to Dr. Vinay Prasad, the CDC’s method for estimating myocarditis undercounts the actual number of cases. Relatedly, public health authorities do not yet fully understand who gets myocarditis and who does not suffer from a COVID vaccine. But regardless, a genuinely safe vaccine should not give its recipients this heart damage. 

Surprisingly and disappointingly, the CDC’s COVID FAQ for Healthcare professionals does not talk about how to diagnose symptoms and treat vaccine injury, nor does it talk about how to file a vaccine injury report in VAERS. With such a lack of awareness among healthcare providers, it is only natural that vaccine injury would be underdiagnosed. 

The extraordinary amount of vaccine-related deaths and injuries tells us something is seriously wrong with these COVID jabs. Using public health’s Bradford-Hill criterion, there is a solid argument that vaccines are causal to these harms (learn more in this scientific interview with Dr. Colleen Huber). We need doctors and scientists to recognize people who are vaccine-injured and to stop the injustice of denial.

Message To Politicians – We Don’t Want This Vaccine For Our Kids!

Here is what is abundantly clear — These shots are of no benefit and great potential harm to healthy kids. 

Unfortunately, vaccine policy is no longer about saving children but about controlling our lives, controlling our kids, and boosting the profits of all the corporations involved in Pandemic Inc.

The data clearly shows that COVID jabs don’t prevent infection in the vaccinated individual nor transmission to others, and that vaccine-induced immunity quickly goes down the drain after a few months. In some locales, vaccination appears to be making things worse. The COVID vaccines are not the answer!

For children, the risk of being harmed by the COVID vaccine is higher than that of COVID itself! The disease risk drops even further, knowing that effective treatments are available! Peer-reviewed published data support neither routine administration nor imposing mandates of these “vaccines” for children.

We know where the public health authorities are headed – they want to get COVID vaccines approved for all children and then make a case for continual boosting

This June, FDA is conducting a series of meetings and anticipated to attempt  passing COVID vaccine approvals for children in a blitzkrieg-style fashion. Therefore, we must voice our opposition to the FDA approvals for children to our representatives. 

Thankfully, several Congressmen are already voicing their concerns to the FDA. We need you to join in and contribute your voice. Should these pass, you need to refuse these potentially dangerous jabs for your children, and tell your friends and family to do the same.

Then, importantly, find your representatives (this tool can help) and let them know your thoughts. Tell them you are against mandates of any kind and explain the problems with COVID vaccines detailed in this article.  

What are the chances of the general public receiving the facts and data contained in this article via mainstream media outlets? The answer is ZERO.  

Please check our references/sources and links and do additional research on the subject. Share this widely with your network. Given the historic level of censorship, it is our moral and ethical obligation to get this information out to the general public.   

It’s time to tell our politicians and health authorities that “Enough is enough!”


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There are 664 Reports of Myocarditis in 5- to 17-Year-Olds After COVID Shots, according to VAERS Data.

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