The Role of Critical Thinking and Collaboration in Combating Tyranny

Maureen McDonnell, BSN

Einstein said:  “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used  to create them”  The types of thinking that led to, and continue to foster, our current global catastrophe could only occur in a society that has utterly abandoned critical thinking. In fact, we’ve fallen into old, outmoded, fear-based mindsets and patterns of behavior that no longer serve us or humanity. Proof of this reality is found in the rampant abdication of self-responsibility to the control of so-called experts, the domination of fear over our thoughts and actions (which sets the stage for us to be easily controlled by others), and our unwillingness to take deep dives into the truth of what’s going on.

This new era we find ourselves in calls for a more analytical, and more philosophical, way of thinking and approaching problems. For that to happen, we must go beyond the fear, resurrect our ability and our right to question everything and work together to co-create a grander vision for the future.   

We are up against immensely powerful, extremely well-funded and well-organized forces who aim to dominate our lives and the lives of our children. These powers – whether one refers to them as technocrats, the cabal, the global elites, or the pharma cartel – have a simple mission.  Their mission is to gain control of humanity by doing everything possible to ensure that people live in fear – fear of each other and fear of a virus. This form of fear-based control not only isolates and paralyzes, it eradicates logic. Over the last 20 months, this technique has succeeded in stripping intelligent individuals of their critical thinking skills and their desire to meet, connect, analyze and collaborate to collectively put the pieces together.

Remarkably, many have bought into a false narrative that requires us to ingest and inject products in order to protect ourselves and access our innate freedoms.  This insanity has been accepted without any of us being given vital pieces of the puzzle. There are questions that must be asked and answered for us to make informed decisions. Where did this virus come from?  How and when do we hold those who used illegal technology to give birth to it accountable?  Why have we revamped our lives based on a PCR test that is known to be 90% inaccurate in detecting the virus?  Why are doctors around the world being censored and vilified for simply showing safe and effective prevention and treatment strategies in the face of universal acceptance and promotion of ineffective, and harmful, treatments? Why are all the studies showing the ineffectiveness of and inherent dangers of the vaccine itself being ignored?  Why are the package inserts for the vaccines blank? Why did Pfizer petition the FDA to hide the injection ingredients from the public for 55 years? 

How are we supposed to trust manufacturers who’ve made billions of dollars for the sale of these products while remaining completely shielded from all liability for injuries caused? Why are governments coercing their citizens to inject these products without long-term safety testing? Why was it okay during the lockdowns to open liquor stores, but churches needed to shut down? Why do the skyrocketing rates of suicide, drug overdose, unemployment, and domestic violence due to the unprecedented draconian measures not matter, but benign cases of the virus do?  Where is the evidence that the psychological, physical, and mental harms of masking children for school are outweighed by the overall benefits to them and society?  How do we, as a society, justify the isolation of our elderly for a full year?  And why in God’s name are people who ask these questions referred to as “spreaders of misinformation” or worse- domestic terrorists? Crawling out of this tyrannically-induced hysteria to regain our inalienable rights will require us to fearlessly demand answers to these questions. And we must do that together!   

For the purpose of fighting these tyrannical powers at this pivotal time in our history, we can no longer function as the lone wolf. Too much is at stake now to keep functioning as a one man show.  Now is the time to operate with a focus on building collaboration by finding what unites us instead of focusing on what divides us.   

Thankfully many truth tellers and freedom seekers have awakened to the 2 critically important elements necessary for us to win this war against medical and government tyranny: critical thinking and collaboration. Collaborating with others outside our normal comfort zone can be uncomfortable because it requires us to drop our ego, our desire to be a hero, and instead embrace humility, acceptance and open-mindedness. 

Our side has two secret weapons – 1. dig deep for answers and solutions and 2. take an open-hearted leap into the world of collaboration.

Our kids, our grandkids and future generations of unborn children are waiting for us to get it together because that saner, freer and healthier world is waiting for us.  We just have to create it and by the way, we have to do it together and we have to do it Now!  

Millions Against Medical Mandates

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