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By: Vincent Cavaleri

It’s been several weeks since the justice department darkened the doorway of the former president’s private estate in Mar-a-Lago Florida.  Weeks later and the American people still do not have answers as a corrupted arm of the justice department continues to leak out false information as we try to make sense of a heavily redacted version of the search affidavit. 

I racked my brain, and all its legal capacity to theorize the possibilities of how and why they would take such an extraordinary step.  As of this moment, the FBI continues to trickle out untruthful narratives to the mainstream media, in hopes of keeping their reprehensible conduct above public scrutiny.

Within days of the dubious search, several anonymous sources within the justice department deliberately leaked information to CNN and the Washington Post suggesting nuclear secrets may have been behind the Mar-a-Lago raid.  This of course was false, but these outlets sucked it up like a 400-horsepower Hoover Super Duty Deluxe vacuum as they parroted the fake news narrative at nauseum.   

It seems apparent that the justice department is attempting a hail-Mary pass on first down and ten.  Since seeping this information incrementally, along with numerous other leaks from the white house, these so-called sources have been saturating the nightly news regularly.   

Since the nuclear sham has been debunked, what possible reason could the justice department have had for the unprecedented invasion of privacy of the former president’s home?  Since Merrick Garland’s non-explicable press conference, there are more questions than answers; as the government scrambles to try and keep the entire probable cause affidavit sealed from public scrutiny.  

Never in America’s 250-year history has anything of this magnitude taken place at this level.  If this were merely a dispute over documents as they claim, why not utilize the subpoena process as the laws of decorum prescribe?  According to FBI records, agents were at the former president’s home just a couple of months prior and were “satisfied with the status of cooperation”, according to FBI field agent notes.   

The next theory floated was that the former president had taken classified information; or was failing to turn over classified documents to the National Archives and Record Administration (NARA).  Once again, this argument falls apart before gaining any traction.  President Trump’s attorneys have stated repeatedly that he, President Trump de-classified these documents prior to leaving the oval office, which he had the legal authority to do. 

Simply put, the information is no longer classified, but the FBI knew that too, according to their detailed note taking.    

Lastly, and probably the most plausible at this point, is the pursuing of a case against Trump utilizing section 2071 of title 18, the so-called “disqualification clause”, which makes it a crime to “willfully and unlawfully remove or destroy protected federal documents.”  What is the penalty for committing such an offense you ask?  You are disqualified from holding office in the United States of America.  This would make the most sense, given the vindictive nature of Trumps political opponents within the democrat establishment and the department of justice. 

At this point, the DOJ must explain this extraordinary step of serving a warrant with over two dozen heavily armed agents.  At any time, the DOJ could have simply subpoenaed whatever documents it wanted, as is the proper protocol.  After the bogus Russian dossier and illegal surveillance of a political candidate, not to mention lying to the FISA court several times, one would think that an extra layer of caution would have been in order; but not for the woke and now emboldened FBI. 

As of this moment, none of them have been held to account or prosecuted for their disgraceful conduct over the last 8-10 years.  These power-thirsty ideologues have tasted unchecked power and want more, ala police state.  Slandering and shaming a potential presidential candidate whose platform is accountability is a next logical next step for these corrupted vessels. 

It’s apparent now that armed agents of the U.S. government raided the ex-president’s home over an alleged paperwork dispute, but sadly it goes much deeper than that.  This same FBI that interfered in the 2016 election, illegally surveilled a presidential candidate, lied to America’s courts, sat on, and withheld evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop and interfered in the 2020 election, is asking you to simply trust them. 

A shroud of abuses and dishonesty now blankets America’s storied government agencies.  The CDC, NIH, FBI, and IRS are all corrupted vessels with zero credibility at this point.  This is the biproduct when you fail to provide regulatory oversight and accountability from the top down.  A world where radical appointees now oversee government sanctioned militias to oppress the masses.   

After witnessing the weaponization of government agencies to target political opponents, a willful attempt to pack the Supreme Court of the United States, a democrat led plan to eliminate the filibuster in the senate, and allowing criminals to run amuck in America’s cities, while poisoning a generation with fentanyl, there’s nothing left for interpretation at this point. 

The evidence is abundantly clear, todays, democrats have conducted themselves in a manner reserved aspiring authoritarian rulers and fledging dictatorships.  Allowing our southern border to be overrun, creating a catastrophic financial crisis and forcing millions of Americans into poverty comes straight out of the Marxist manifesto.  They have also sent a very loud and clear message to anyone that dare challenge their supremacy, you have been forewarned, we can come for anyone. 

These Marxists present a clear and present danger to the American way of life.  The American population must stand up or be trampled under.

Vincent Cavaleri
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