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Expand your Organization’s reach by leveraging The Flame Press services to also offer your content in print.

The Power of Print

In 2021, we launched The Flame with one mission: To counter mainstream media censorship and put true and accurate information into the hands of freedom-minded citizens. How? With an old school idea: A physical print paper offering views, commentary and resources to promote critical thinking and help ordinary citizens hold our elected representatives accountable to the People. Our experience has shown content from a tangible source like a print newspaper is absorbed and retained at a much higher rate than from digital/online sources.

Transform your Organization and Members

Our success led to the creation of The Flame Press, with the goal of offering like-minded organizations and digital media outlets a turnkey traditional print channel to grow their organization and subscriber base by reaching people outside of today’s media environment.

Easy, Fast and Self-Funding Model

We have the right experience to quickly stand-up your organization's newspaper, including design, content, publishing and distribution services!

Launch your own newspaper and expand your reach!

Provide us monthly content, articles, images and ads (optional). We proofread, do layout design, print, mail to you and your subscribers. We also handle all the backend operations and provide transparent reporting.  You get 12 full 11″ x 17″ pages for your content and fund your investment through advertising and subscriptions to make additional revenue as you scale your operations. Choose an option: (1) Your own branded version and content, or (2) use The Flame header and your organization’s Edition and content:

Why a Print Channel?

Because your message deserves a greater reach — a reach made possible by the lasting influence and convenience of a newspaper. Enhance and build your brand as you impact your community. The print medium possesses the ability to sway opinions, inspire action, and make an enduring impression that digital media cannot.

Smart Questions to ask ...

The simple truth is that you already have 90% of the costs and effort covered. How? By letting us help you leverage your current hard won assets for your newspaper:

  • Your recognized Brand
  • Your thousands of digital subscribers and social media followers
  • Your existing/new content, image and messaging

The only additional cost is your subscription to The Flame Press. And, better yet - we also show you how to turn this subscription cost into a substantial and predictable profit each month.

It's surprisingly easy! Why? Because we take care of all the details, including distribution, shipping and billing/collections. We also provide 100% transparent reporting on subscriptions, customers and finances.

In a word, YES. Our unique Self-Funding Model will quickly bring you additional revenue and profit after only 100 subscribers. Plus, with advertising, your newspaper can become a significant profit making channel.

Quickly scale and grow your organization

You already have subscribers and contacts! Here’s how to capture financial benefits rapidly to fund your day-to-day operations

Papers Distributed Price to Subscriber Your Revenue
1 $5.97 $1.07
15 $18.97 $3.41
50 $39.97 $7.19
100 $59.97 $10.79
150 $79.97 $14.39
300 $150.00 $27.00

Two options to get your message to the masses

Two Options and deep volume discounts to grow your Organization and get your content into the hands of the “moveable middle”

The Flame USA | Flame Press 01

1. Your Paper, Your Header

Your Header with The Flame Press underneath:

  • $3500/mo. for 1000 Papers plus subscriptions for people to order
  • $350 for each additional 1000 papers
  • For 10,000 or more papers, call us for volume discounts!

The Flame USA | Flame Press 02

2. The Flame, Your Edition

Our Header & your articles/logo on each page:

  • $3000/mo. for 1000 Papers plus subscriptions for people to order
  • $350 for each additional 1000 papers
  • For 10,000 or more papers, call us for volume discounts!

Benefits of having your own "turn-key" Print Newspaper

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