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Put your digital content in print, further expand your subscriber base and reach people where they work, gather, recreate and shop. A print channel also enhances both your brand and ability to bring in donations and support.

Campaign Races - Local, State & Federal Candidates

Door-hangers and flyers get tossed out, but newspapers are read and shared again and again. Get out of the "echo chamber" and publish detailed content in your own newspaper to reach and impact voters outside the digital world.

The Power of Print & Reaching the "Moveable Middle"

The print medium is not dead. In fact, it’s alive and well and increasingly being used in concert with digital media to achieve the following results:

The Flame USA | moveable middle

Why focus on this elusive but influential group?

  • For your Organization: The key to growth is penetrating those who are weary of all the digital noise today. The print alternative is the best way to reach this cohort. Why? Because up to 30% of your addressable market isn't seeing or aware of your presence!
  • For Candidates: Nearly all political races are decided by the largest cohort of voters known as the “Moveable Middle”. They consist of the unaffiliated and unregistered – but this group also cuts across the political spectrum. Reaching them is the key to winning elections, and the print medium provides a unique and powerful way to positively engage with them.

Getting Started - Easy, Quick and Economical

Provide us monthly content, articles, images and ads (optional). We proofread, layout, design, print and mail to you and your subscribers. We also handle all the backend operations and provide transparent reporting.  You get 12 full color, beautifully arranged 11″ x 17″ pages for your content and can fund your investment through advertising and subscriptions to make additional revenue as you scale your operations. Depending on volume, each copy costs as little as 20 cents.

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Smart Questions to ask ...

The simple truth is that you likely have 90% of the content and effort needed already covered. How? By letting us help you leverage your current hard won assets for your newspaper:

  • Your recognized Brand
  • Your thousands of digital subscribers and social media followers
  • Your existing/new content, image and messaging

The only additional cost is your subscription to The Flame Press. And, better yet - we also show you how to turn this subscription cost into a substantial and predictable profit each month.

No. Why? Because we take care of all the details, including layout, proofing, production, distribution, shipping and billing/collections. We also provide 100% transparency with reporting on subscribers, volume and finances.

In a word, YES.

  • Organizations: Our self-funding model can quickly bring you additional revenue (or donations), often with only 5,000 copies. And, with Advertising, your newspaper can become a significant profit making channel.
  • Candidates: Your newspaper can be your most valuable channel for donors to advertise and defray your overall costs.
  1. VALUES: The Flame USA News has taken off since 2021 and enjoyed success in spreading the truth to ordinary Americans in all 50 states. Our conservative flavor has taken root nationally!
  2. EXPERIENCE: Our Staff averages 20+ years experience and are skilled in their area of expertise.
  3. QUALITY: Our finished product is world-class, professionally produced and hyper engaging with full-color beautiful pages and an eye-pleasing layout. Our quality rivals the largest newspapers in the country.

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The benefits of your own “turn-key” Print Newspaper

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