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The Flame Newspaper Is Here!

Hello America!

We have a new source of True News called THE FLAME! Help us print 100,000 copies of THE FLAME to help change the course of America! 

Our Country is under siege and censorship is stopping true information from reaching the people of Our Great Nation.

THE FLAME – A True Newspaper Is Born.

America has a big problem! We are at war and most people don’t even know it. It is a war for our minds, bodies, and souls. The government and mainstream media have a grip on humanity and are taking away common sense thinking and solutions. We can’t even question the narrative without being censored. We are being forced to leave behind our constitutional rights and being made to believe we will like it. The real information is there but it is not permitted to be presented. The foundation of our great nation is in peril. This is how Tyranny has gained a stronghold on our great country and the world. If America falls, the whole world falls!

Our solution is to reach beyond censorship and the multibillion dollar corporations  narratives with an old school idea – A Newspaper! Not just any newspaper but a truth seeking one. THE FLAME allows people to see what is really going on and make informed decisions by critically thinking and having a choice in what to believe. When we can provide truth in print with real news, information, and solutions, we can change the direction and claim the Liberty and Freedom our forefathers intended for our great nation.

We do this by printing a paper by the people for the people at just .10 cents a copy. We can only print papers when we all come together to make this happen. 

$10 donation prints 100 copies

$100 donation prints 1,000 copies

$1000 donation prints 10,000 copies

Our Goal is to print 100,000 copies of our first edition of THE FLAME. Help us get Truth Bombs into the hands of Americans everywhere!

With your added support THE FLAME needs funding for production, equipment, and printing for a total of $20,000 by early January 2022!

Like many of you we have had enough of the mainstream media hype. The lack of context or evidence with many statements of fact and science that only supports extreme government overreach on so many fronts. Humanity is in danger of complete imprisonment by government control.

THE FLAME will bring truth and transparency with common sense articles and solutions.

THIS IS A CALL INTO ACTION! We need to support each other and get the real news out there. We need to tip the scales in our favor. Our newspaper gives the people a CHOICEFREE CHOICE. People are locked into big media conglomerates only giving them one side, and one point of view. Go online to find out anything and the paid fact checkers will make sure you only see what they want you to see! You deserve to make up your own mind!

THE FLAME newspaper might be the most important thing you will ever see. We intend to spread truth in print like wildfire from sea to shining sea!

So please help us fund THE FLAME newspaper. With the massive censorship occurring at such a rapid pace, a truth in print newspaper is one of the best ways you can spread TRUTH in America. We aim to circumvent the extreme censorship and propaganda bombarding our population! This can only happen with your financial support! 

10 cents, a dime that’s all it costs us to print a 12-page collection of truth bombs and get them in the hands of people across America! How many dimes would you spend if those dimes helped wake up more Americans? We DON’T have time to waste!

The number of copies we print is a direct result of your generous donations. Please give what you can and let’s spread COMMON SENSE and TRUTH like WILDFIRE across AMERICA. 


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