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The Classroom To Clinic Pipeline Is Real

Parents Keep Heads Buried In Sand

By: Shawn McBreairty – Educational Freedom Advocate

Parents, there are only two options for you to save your children;  1) Fight like hell for your schools, 2) pull your kids out tomorrow for homeschooling, or send them to an expensive private school.  There is no third option.  These “public” K-12 schools are irreparably broken and it’s biblically bad.

On the Maine Source Of Truth podcast, available anywhere you listen, I’ve had the pleasure to interview over three dozen educational advocates and activists, peers from all across our great country.  What we have identified and spoken about is tragic.  It didn’t happen overnight and we won’t be able to fix it for decades, if at all.   

There is a three act play unfolding and parents are the leading characters regarding the crisis in the classroom:  Act 1) Exposure.  Act 2) Speaking to the solutions.  Act 3) Regain local school board control.  When those first two acts don’t change the minds of the school administrators and most local town parents and believe me, from experience, they won’t…your last tactic is to recall the wicked school board members, or vote them out and insert a moderate, to conservative group of critical thinkers.  

Their only two jobs are to: 1) Create school policy.  2) Provide the superintendent direction.  That’s it…but they fail more often than not.  We see it play out in video, after video, of these school board meetings, all across the country.  Almost like they are all working off the same script.  Because they all are.  

Well, how bad is it, you may be asking?  Way worse than you can imagine, as I still believe we have only seen the top 10% of the iceberg above the waterline.  The other 90%, the really, really bad stuff is yet to be exposed. 

It starts with pronouns in schools and ends in the 

destruction of your child. 

It might be simple posters, such as, “Classroom Is Family.”  It could be rainbow (LGBTQ+) hearts on the walls.  Maybe it’s just a small trans flag pin on the teacher’s lapel.  It could be a video telling your five year old that “Pride Day” is as important as our nation’s birthday, the Fourth of July.  Maybe it is a little more blatant with a video of a woke teacher telling your kindergarten child that doctors make mistakes assigning “gender” to the babies when they are born.  I could literally write out examples for hours…these are just some, the “tip of the iceberg” of items we’ve found in our little ol’ State of Maine.  

Kindergarten kids can’t spell blue, but they know their pronouns.  They can’t add 2+2, but they know their pronouns.  They can’t tie their shoes, but they know their pronouns.  Maybe it starts with a child identifying as a different pronoun from their birth sex, because these schools celebrate kids doing so.  “Special” clothing, maybe from a gender transition closet in the classroom?  “Don’t tell your mom and dad, it’s our classroom family secret!”

Or, maybe it is as a middle school social worker looking to mentally, sexually, emotionally and physically abuse your child by providing them a chest binder.  This progresses into the school giving the student hormone blockers and cross sex hormones, which are irreversible.  Something that just a few years ago were only given to child predators to chemically castrate them.  

From there, the idea of “top surgery” may sound fascinating to a child, because we all know that solving for mental illness involves removing perfectly healthy body parts in a double mastectomy of a 15 year old’s breasts, at Boston Children’s Hospital.  

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Friend of the podcast, Billboard Chris and Shawn McBreairty at Boston Children’s Hospital on 1/14/23.  

The goal is to separate your child from you, the parent, in order to destroy innocence, morality, the modern family unit and America as we used to know it.  I’ve spoken to a number of heartbroken parents who have had to go through this and it takes years to repair the psychological damage done to the family by your local public school, with your tax dollars.

Worst case, your child leaves this earth forever 

because of mental illness brought on by your school.  

Matt Walsh’s bestselling LGBTQ book, “Johnny The Walrus” depicts the modern day virtue signaling mother, who’s young son wants to become a walrus.  Right up until the point of medical surgery and luckily, Johnny’s mom comes to the realization that he’s just a kid.  That scenario wasn’t as comical for 18 year old friend of the podcast, Chloe Cole who now if she is ever able to have a baby, will never be able to breastfeed.  All because of decisions made to medically mutilate her body, well before her brain was fully formed.

Parents across America continue to have cognitive dissidence when it comes to hearing what is going on in their local kid’s school.  Fact is, parents are really too afraid to fully know what is happening.

That might mean a major, life altering family decision 

to pull their child out of the local school.  

Remember, when conservatives give an inch, liberals take a mile and hidden inside every liberal is a totalitarian just burning to get out.  They don’t believe that you are parenting your child well enough and they will do it for you, regardless of if you don’t want them to.  Meanwhile, the very basics of education are failing here in Maine and all over the country.  In 1962, removing religion (the Bible) from the schools was the first downfall.  Now we have straight up evil walking our hallways, masquerading as teachers, administrators, social workers, guidance counselors and school board members.  

No, not every one of them is bad, but from my research and talking to many teachers, they estimate that about 90% of the teachers in Maine are either willfully indoctrinating students, or going along with the plan, not saying anything. I’d argue it’s similar in your town. 

It’s misfeasance, vs. malfeasance.  

The first term is when a teacher really didn’t know that Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is just the gateway drug to the hyper-sexualization of minors.  But when they are told it is, shown the proof, realize there are no studies that say SEL helps anyone…that it’s funded by CASEL and Bill Gates and then these teachers go along with it anyway, well, that’s ten times worse.   

What we are finding is that many school counselors 

are now just taxpayer funded educational terrorists.  

Some of them love kiddie porn, they want to keep secrets from parents and they want to talk about “taboo subjects” alone, behind closed doors with your child.  I have a Maine social worker’s videos on the Maine Source Of Truth Rumble Channel saying all this and more in his own words.  It’s undeniable…it’s the Truth.

We know that children are being liberalized, sexualized and medicalized creating a pipeline from schools to clinics by this wickedness, as they are slowly, but surely, stolen away from their parents by force fed ideology and social contagion. 

Time to save your child from your local K-12 public school…

There are only two ways to do it.

Shawn McBreairty ~ Director of Special Projects at Maine First Project, a non-profit organization offering grassroots advocacy training in multiple areas. For two and a half years, Shawn has been exposing CRT and the hyper-sexualization of minors (“aka” grooming in the classroom) as well as many dangers within the programs, teachings and curriculum of Maine and this nation’s public, K-12 schools.  

Check out Shawn’s Podcast, Maine Source Of Truth, which can be found on ApplePodcasts, Google, Spotify, iHeartRadio and other podcast locations.  Follow the podcast page on Facebook and on social media @ShawnMcBreairty, or @MESourceOfTruth

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