Project Parallel Communities


The Flame is a Not for Profit Private Membership Community. We are a 508 c1 a and accordingly, as a ministry we give back to the community. With our country in the state it is in with massive government overreach, The Flame wants to help communities with solution based projects.

25,000 subscriptions gets the truth out to every corner of America and funds good and allows us to give back 80,000 to 100,000 dollars to community projects.

We are collaborating with many organizations to bring about solutions for our communities.

Some of the projects in the works include but are not limited to:

  • Private Membership Association Medical Centers

  • Private Membership Association Schools

  • Private Membership Association Grocery Stores

  • Legal/Lawful assistance of counsel when/if needed

  • Community land, livestock and gardens

  • Generators, Ham Radios and emergency supplies for communities

  • Log Cabins and Manufactured homes

Moving forward towards 2023 we will give away grants to programs that are sustainable, have a plan and can show us that the funds will fund good in communities throughout America.

We can no longer trust our medical, educational, financial and food institutions and industries so we need to make sure people are taken care of who do not want to bow down to evil and tyranny.

For More Information contact and put Project Parallel Communities in the header. Also Subscribe, give out The Flame and tell others to subscribe to help us fund good!

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