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License Suspended for Saving Lives

By: Scott Miller

Retraction From Editor Included

This story was printed in our April paper edition with the title of By: Dr. Scott Miller – This was an error by our editor. The title should have read By: Scott Miller Pediatric Physician A (license under emergency suspension). The sentence that said, “I am a Doctor and here is my Story” was written before we got the text with the proper credentials. The article should have read, “Here is my Story as a Physicians Assistant”. The bottom also states Scott Miller is a Doctor and we as an editing team were discussing changing it but never did which was our error. His original article did not have any mention of being a Doctor and he texted the PA-C title to put at the bottom.

This is a mistake that many people make. Even after him sending over the correct title, The editing team thought that you could call a PA a Doctor. It was clearly a mistake. It is good for the reader to be aware of when you go to a clinic, be careful of what you call your practitioner. For many years, I called anyone with a PA, DO, NP, Doctor. If they could prescribe, they were addressed as Doc… They can get in trouble for this laymans mistake. It is a good learning lesson. Because we publish a newspaper, we should have double checked the article again and now retract any mention of Doctor in the paper article.

Scott Miller never sent over that he was a Doctor. It was the papers error in editing the copy that it was added that way. We will print a retraction in the May Edition as well. Sorry for the misunderstanding but enjoy the article. Please support Scott MIller at Scott

I am a Physicians Assistant and here is my story:

In early 2020, families came to my clinic who were really sick having symptoms lingering for 2 to 3 weeks and have been to the hospital one or more times, but given little information and not improving. I decided to start trials of medications, nebulizing Albuterol, which didn’t work and their lung sounds did not improve. One day I decided to give budesonide to a patient, and within minutes they said that their breathing improved. It didn’t make sense but I decided to start adding other medications, montelukast, cyproheptadine, nothing crazy, just treating allergies and inflammation.

These patients were telling me their symptoms which have been ongoing were gone within a couple days.I picked up my phone and called my brother, an ENT surgeon in Southern California, and said, “Hey dude what is going on? Does any of this make sense
medically? Before I could even finish the sentence, he was already responding that none of it made sense, that it was all political b*******, none of it had anything to do with medicine. That was March 12th 2020, my 47th birthday.

The information coming out of China gave some comfort as the data showed no statistical impact on children. Due to that information, I was not overly concerned, until I started witnessing the cancellation of regular life in the United States. I was especially concerned when I heard our nation’s self-proclaimed “top infectious disease expert”, Tony Fauci stating during a press conference on March 12th, that school closures maybe an important mitigation strategy for stopping the virus. Following suit,
I saw this announcement in GovernorJay Inslee’s office. “Continuing a drastic escalation to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, Gov. Jay Inslee announced Friday that he would mandate the closure of all Washington schools from March 17, through at least April 24. In the same announcement, Inslee said he would extend a restriction on social gatherings of over 250 people such as concerts and sporting events to the entire state.”

On March 20th, 2020 during a  White House briefing. Fauci made the statement regarding possible use of hydroxychloroquine. “The evidence you are talking about is anecdotal evidence. … We’re trying to strike a balance between making something with a
potential of an effect to the American people available. At the same time, we do it under the auspices of a protocol that would give us the information to determine if it’s truly safe and effective. But the information that you are referring to specifically is anecdotal — it was not done in a controlled clinical trial — so you really can’t make any definitive statement about it.”

By this time I had already been pouring over journals and reviewing studies that were showing positive outcomes with using repurposed medications along with high dose vitamins and antioxidants like NAC and glutathione. With each passing day, each new White House Coronavirus update by Tony Fauci, it was clear that our top infectious disease experts had no desire to share
truth with our citizens regarding usually accessible and inexpensive therapies that could be used to save lives.

In early April 2020 I decided to start sharing the information with families that were coming into my clinic. I would write down my treatment protocols on a piece of paper, fold it over and hand it to them, strongly encouraging the mother or father to share it with their parents, with their friends, anyone they knew that wanted the truth. What was interesting over the next few months was that no children were getting sick, in fact outside of a few people, I didn’t know anyone who had gotten covid no less anyone that died from it. What I did see was the devastation of the children and adolescents due to the distance learning policies that separated them from their friends, extracurricular activities, sports, and the ability to engage in real life. These mandates were
emotionally crippling every family that had come into my clinic. The parents were living in fear and transferring that fear to their children. I had never seen anything like it in my 14 years of pediatric practice. I kept hearing, the cure cannot be worse than the disease, yet every mandate in Washington was designed to cripple families and destroy lives.

In May 2020. I had gone to an event in Vancouver and I heard Kelli Stewart talking about freedom, about our constitutional rights, and what it means to stand up and advocate and fight for our personal freedoms. Later I was asked to speak at the capital regarding the impact I was seeing on children. I spoke with parents that were desperate, trying to navigate distance learning, falling victim to the propagation of fear that their children could not play with anyone for fear that their otherwise healthy bodies
could somehow infect their friends. I remember speaking with my wife about going to the rally. She was in tears, asking me why bring attention to me to our clinic? My response was, “Are you afraid of getting Covid?” She said no, because she knew I could treat her. I told her that’s why I needed to go.

I went to Olympia and spoke to a crowd of Washingtonians that recognized that Governor Jay Inslee’s policies weren’t just ignorant, but purposely tyrannical and inherently evil. I spoke out against the mandates, school closures, and the suppression of  life-saving therapeutics. I came home and hoped that would be the end of it. I was asked to join a Facebook group to reopen Camas schools, late summer of 2020. I used the group to share scientific truth and encourage parents to stand up for the rights of their children. I was contacted by a reporter, John Ley, and asked to do an interview. Over about a 90-minute period we covered a large range of topics, but what he felt most impressed upon was the information about the studies on repurposed medications and the profound importance of sunlight, vitamin D, melatonin, NAC, and of course Ivermectin. The day his article
was published our phone never stopped ringing. I went from having a pediatric practice to being what felt like the only bridge between life and the hospital system which we know for so many, equated to death.

Neither I nor my staff was prepared for or emotionally equipped to take on what would ensue over the next year and a half. It started off easy, implementing the vitamin therapies and Ivermectin which for the first 5 months was almost ubiquitously successful as a monotherapy prescription. People were calling early on, right after they started with symptoms and sure enough, within a day or two they were better. But word spread and we started getting calls from across the country about a guy in
Washington that said he could fix covid. Just a side note, I never said that I could “fix” covid. I just said that there were studies that showed certain treatments were effective.

I was going against all of mainstream science, saying things to people that contradicted our “top” infectious disease experts, but at a certain point it didn’t matter, because after the first 50, then 100, 200, 300 patients, I realized that the 1,000 plus hours I had put in at that time, reading, studying, learning everything I possibly could get a hold of, as well as experimenting with therapies that I had a high suspicion of being beneficial, every single patient, regardless of age, comorbidities, and severity of illness all got better. And then I heard about a doctor by the name of Pierre Corey and this thing called the FLCCC. I realized other Doctors are out there, in the U.S. that are doing this. I am resilient but when I received the notice of emergency suspension of my license, my life changed. My attorney said that we may not get a full hearing until February (now it’s pushed back to August). I told him there was no possible way for me to manage basic living that long without working. I have created so much stress for my family over the last 22 months, but since October, there has been a lot of blame because of my decisions and the negative impact on my
family. I then remember why I did what I did. Almost every night, I would have 3, 5, sometimes 7 critically ill patients. A patient would call and I heard the sound of their voice, breathless, struggling to get words, hearing the fear, the terror in their voice, as they ask me, “Am I going to die?” I would often laugh, trying to break that cycle of fear, and say, “What are you talking about, f*** that, nobody is dying on my watch, and guess what, you are on my watch. You are going to live.”

I have received over a thousand messages of praise or telling me how I’m going to have extra jewels in my crown in Heaven. I appreciate the sentiment but the fact is that I just couldn’t sit idle while innocent people were dying.

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