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Fanning the flame or Throwing Gasoline on a fire?
Retroviruses and the alarming rise of cancer post COVID-19 vaccination

By: Dr. Judy A. Mikovitz


Unfortunately as  predicted in 2020, the roll-out of the experimental shots would lead to an explosion in not only autoimmune diseases, but cancer too.

Cancer and other chronic inflammatory diseases have skyrocketed with the release of the COVID bioweapon shots. 

In 2009, and as detailed in Plague, I discovered a new family of human retroviruses related to mouse leukemia viruses that were associated not only with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS), but also cancer and autism.

Imagine turning off all the lights in your house, unlocking the doors and going to sleep for eight hours and posting an ‘open’ sign to your home in the middle of the night. Do you think there might be a robbery? This robbery scenario is similar to what we do when we inflame an already vulnerable body with these shots. 

What are retroviruses? 

Before we explore the role retroviruses play in disease, let’s understand exactly what they are.

Retroviruses are a group of RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) viruses also called RNA tumor viruses. They are “retro” because they have a different genome and function from other RNA viruses. In most viruses, DNA is transcribed (or written) into mRNA, then mRNA is translated into protein. Retroviruses, on the other hand, work by reverse transcribing, that is “writing backwards” into DNA by using an enzyme only retroviruses encode called, “Reverse Transcriptase” or RT. 

The DNA form of the virus is called a provirus. The provirus is then inserted into the DNA of the host using another enzyme encoded unique to retroviruses called “Integrase” (IN). Integrase cuts open the DNA and then pastes the provirus into the cellular DNA where the provirus lives for the life of the cell. 

In addition to RT and IN, retroviruses encode other key genes important to make a virus particle called a virion. The envelope gene called env and gag encode the proteins that form an envelope and capsid, which surrounds the RNA genome. The RNA genomes of retroviruses contain between seven and twelve  thousand base pairs (7-12 kilobases, kb). The human genome  contains approximately three billion base pairs. (RNA is single  stranded, DNA is double stranded hence base pairs).  

A retrovirus virion is approximately 100 nanometers (nM) in size and can only be seen by an electron microscope. The  electron micrograph (EM) of the gamma retrovirus we isolated  from human blood in 2009 is shown below: 

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It is important to understand that the provirus cannot be made into an infectious viral particle without using the machinery of a dividing cell. This is illustrated in the dark parts of the membrane of the cell where the virus is budding out of the cell taking the lipids from the cell membrane to complete the virion. 

Retroviruses in Nature

All animals have retroviruses encoded in their genomes- birds, monkeys, cows, pigs, cats, dogs, mice and fish, even plants have retroviruses. Vertebrate genomes harbor thousands of endogenous retrovirus (ERV) elements that display a structure  close to that of the integrated proviral form of exogenous  retroviruses (gag-, pol-, and env-related regions flanked by 2  LTRs) but the genes are mutated so that they are thought not to  be able to produce and release infectious particles. Of the 8% of the human genome that encodes endogenous retroviruses only a few infectious and transmissible human retroviruses have been identified and the role in human health and disease is poorly understood.

Endogenous retroviruses  comprise approximately 8% of human and mammalian genomes  These endogenous viral elements are stable elements at the interface between self and foreign DNA. The  human endogenous retroviruses (HERV) encode ann envelope peptide called Syncytin is key to implantation of the embryo into the uterine cell, like Velcro. The long terminal repeat sequences (LTR) in the endogenous virome participate in the transcriptional regulation of cellular genes. There is constitutive HERV basal expression in healthy tissues. HERV RNA, DNA and proteins shape and  expand the interferon network and play a central role in the evolution and functioning of  human innate immunity.

Aberrantly-expressed exogenous and endogenous retroviruses have been shown to be responsible for the development of many chronic diseases, including prostate cancer, breast cancer, leukemia lymphoma, multiple sclerosis, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gherig’s disease). 

Many factors are important in the development of diseases associated with retroviruses. The expression and mode of transmission are keys to disease development. The two main modes of retrovirus transmission are 1) Infectious virtual transmission and 2) Mitotic viral transmission.

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In mitotic transmission, the provirus is dormant or defective and  the integrated proviral form of exogenous retroviruses (gag-,  pol-, and env-related regions flanked by 2 LTRs) are not  expressed. In this case only the daughter cells carry the  retroviral genes and if not expressed these endogenous or  exogenous retroviral genes remain dormant for years and do not  usually contribute to disease until much later in life as the  immune system weakens. During infectious transmission, the  complete virion is produced with many thousands of virions  infecting many neighboring cells and spreading from person to  person—both cell free and cell associated—via blood and body  fluids. Infectious transmission of HIV was said to have driven  the AIDS epidemic  of the 80s and 90s including transmission.  We now appreciate a contaminated blood supply, contaminated vaccines, the activation of dormant retroviruses by heavy metals, co-infections and the Hepatitis B vaccine program. That is xenotransplantation caused the AIDS epidemic

Xenotransplantation, the transplantation of living cells, tissues or organs from one species to another, has been used since the 1950s in studies of human cancer, autoimmune, and neuroimmune disease to promote the evolution of novel retroviruses with pathogenic properties. 

Looking at the excipient list of vaccines and the process of transplantation, we can quickly see that every vaccine may be contaminated with at least one animal retrovirus family, all of which have been associated with cancers, chronic liver disease, AIDS, ALS, ME/CFS and autism. 

Horizontal gene transfer (HGT) refers to the direct uptake and incorporation of genetic material from unrelated species, in this instance from adventitious viral contaminants in live viral vaccines, into a human host or a host-related bacterium such as those colonizing the gut.  

Unlike chemical carcinogens, which break down and dilute out, retroviruses can continue to replicate in dividing cells and integrate into the genomes, mutate and recombine indefinitely causing the inflammatory cytokine storm that unless silenced by epigenetic, DNA methylation, by host cell m

Potential hazards of HGT of free nucleic acids include the generation of new viruses and bacteria that can cause disease, spreading drug and antibiotic resistance genes among viral and bacterial pathogens spreading unchecked through the infected iand now immune compromised individual and spreading (now called shedding) throught families and communities. In additional random insertion into genomes of cells resulting in harmful effects like cancer and reactivation of dormant disease-causing viruses, present in all cells and genomes.

COVID-19 MRNA Vaccines and the Explosion of Cancer

In November 2009 data presented by Dr Gary Owens a cardiologist at the University of Virginia the detection of sequences of XMRV-2 a cardiotropic variant of XMRV. XMRV-2 was not associated with either cancer or ME/CFS. The  2010 Lo/Alter PNAS paper was the first to confirm and extend the detection of sequences of additional  of the association of XMRV Injecting of foreign animal viruses into an the already compromised  immune system poisoned with mercury, aluminum, polysorbate 80 and formaldehyde is a setup for autoimmune disease and cancer epidemic of the 21st century that resulted in the explosion of chronic disabling neuroinflammatory diseases ME/CFS and Autism in addition to cancer In 2011, two years after our 2009 paper, the horrifying realization was that between three and eight percent of the world’s population was disabled by the chemical carcinogens, retroviruses and microbial contaminants (including but not limited to borrelia, babesia mycoplasma and mold) that had been transmitted to humans by injection of contaminated vaccines  resulting in a heavily contaminated blood supply. This contamination included not only the two known disease associated XMRV strains, XMRV1 and XMRV-2 but unbeknownst to all since 2004 publication by Moore et al of the creation of the para retrovirus SARS-COV2, grown and manufactured in the VERO monkey cell kidney cell line in which we manufacture polio vaccines. Yes, SARS-COV2 was introduced into the human population by contaminated polio vaccines since 2004 and shipped around the world in vaccine stocks of the VERO cell line.

A Para-retrovirus? Yes, SARS-COV2 is a recombinant of the SARS coronavirus created and manufacture in a collaboration of labs with labs in labs in Boston USA, Berlin Germany and Tianjin China. The spike protein is not from a coronavirus, but instead a combination of a synthetic provirus encoding HIV- GP120 and XMRV-syncytin + SARS-ACE2 receptor binding domain (RBD). As all appreciate in 2023, SARS-CO2 is a monkey, mouse and human chimera of these three deadly viruses, in which the spike protein alone is a deadly neurotoxin and carcinogen. SARS-Cov2 was manufactured in the VeroE6 monkey kidney cell line in which polio vaccines are manufactured. Could this chimera and additional recombinants have contaminated polio vaccines for two decades. Our 2009 isilation of XMRV and association with cancers not limited to prostate cancer and deadly Mantle cell lymphoma but also to ME/CFS, Autism and the bleeding disorder ITP by 2011.

SARSCov2 was never isolated from a human being with COVID and therefore never was the causative agent, But, then COVID is not a disease but a collection of inflammatory syndromes all of which have been associated with XMRVs including the first gain of function human disease associated retrovirus, HIV.

A forty-year plague of corruption resulted in a the plandemic that was called COVID19 and drove the synthesis and the inoculation of the deadliest humanized synthetic XMRV into millions of vulnerable humans infected by injection of SARSCoV2 and other XMRVs because of three decades liability free untested unsafe vaccines not only contaminated with exogenous retroviruses but also with chemical carcinogens that heavily contaminate both vaccines but our food, soil and water.

It is disturbing to see the recent ‘controlled release/burn” in the of the carcinogen vinyl chloride after the Ohio train derailment to one of the most-deadly toxic gases ever produced. More importantly the chemical carcinogens that enter the water and soil are carcinogenic as they fuel the same inflammatory cytokine storm pathways as the COVID19 vaccine. The role that chemicals and chemical mixtures have on the cells of the human immune system is an important area of research that has recently been most widely pursued in relation to autoimmune diseases and allergy/asthma as opposed to cancer causation. Although it is well-recognized now for 5 decades that innate and adaptive immunity play as essential factors in tumorigenesis. 

Where do we go from here? 

The solution is actually simple and each of us can do it, simply stop all vaccinations/inoculations and return to oral and mucosal immunization strategies like ivermectin hydroxychloriqine and the type I interferon containing nasal spray, paximune

We can heal we simply humble ourselves and turn back to God. We are one nation under God. Together we can heal our land.

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