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Awakening to the Medical Tyranny

James Grundvig

Twenty months into the COVID con game, the wheels on the vaccine freight train are coming off at warp speed. The mainstream media’s lies and propaganda have failed to keep up with the awakening that many Americans—and people around the world—are today experiencing. The narratives, from masks and social distancing, to boosters and vaccine passports fail to win new jab converts; the “street cred” of NIH’s Anthony Fauci and CDC’s Rochelle Walensky plummet toward zero. 


Still, there are pockets of dazed, misinformed, and zombified people who are scratching their heads, unsure why. Something is out of kilter. Something doesn’t add up. Something is rotten from head to toe. They can’t put their finger on the source yet. But soon enough, like the rising of tomorrow’s dawn, the truth will be revealed to them.


In early August, I interviewed a former intel operative, Juan O Savin (nom de plume) on American Media Periscope’s (AMP) show “Making Sense of the Madness,” for which I am a show host and investigative journalist. At that time, Juan stated a tipping point number that no one in either Big Media or the new alt media did: 68 percent of Americans wanted freedom over tyranny. He added that for a U.S. military intervention into the geopolitical crisis of our age to take place that the “red line” number would need to climb above 80 percent.


On Wednesday, October 6, I interviewed Juan O Savin again—this time on my new AMP media show, “Unrestricted Truth.” When I brought up his 68 number and then quoted that 74 percent of Americans are “pissed off and angry,” he realized I was indeed awake. That poll, reported by none other than media CNN news, took place in early September. The “very angry” in that survey resulted from “Biden’s vaccine mandates.” Juan updated the month-old datapoint to 77 percent of Americans being pissed. We may not be at the red line yet, the tripwire that alerts the true U.S. military to bring continuity of government back to America, but we are a couple of events away.


The feeling the air: We are close to that historical shock moment, with more and more Americans waking up every day. 


Over the past few weeks, there are lots of signals, new signals that can be seen that something is afoot, something is simmering to a boil, a feeling of emotional release, a venting of anger, in which the people will become “mad as hell and they won’t take it anymore!” 


One such signal is Nicki Minaj and her tweet heard around the world. The rap star’s tweet to her 22 million followers questioned the need for COVID vaccines. No longer allowed to ask questions about the jabs, Twitter censored her pronto, while the entertainment industry rebuked her as if she were Typhoid Mary. Seeing the Minaj blowback as a bridge too far, her fans gathered in front of the CDC headquarters in Druid Hills, Georgia, and protested the vaccine mandates. A few days later, something more unusual happened.  Nicki Minaj’s fans invited the Trump supporters to join them in protesting the corruption and censorship committed by the CDC. 


Global Protests Spread

In August, that would have been impossible to imagine, but the COVID Ponzi scheme has a way of uniting strange bedfellows for the common good of freedom of speech and “my body, my choice.”


In New York City, a similar event spiraled out of political and mainstream media control. When interim New York Governor Kathy Hochul took the reigns of Big Pharma power from disgraced, nursing home murderer Andrew Cuomo, the dark plans of vaccine passports—only for Manhattan, mind you—New York had a major problem on its hands. Only a meager 24 percent of young black New Yorkers had been vaccinated after a months-long campaign that included, but was not limited to threats, loss of jobs, bribes, media propaganda, fear porn and so much more. When a Texas group of black women friends tried to get into the touristy Italian restaurant of Carmine’s in the Upper Westside, a brawl ensued after the vaccine fascist hostess told them they couldn’t get in since they weren’t “vaccinated.” 


Lo, the scorn of black women burned. The next day, Black Lives Matter called for and led protests outside “racist” Carmine’s and their “racist” upholding of vaccine passports—aka the “slave passport” as black freedom advocate Kevin Jenkins calls it—and the next impossible signal happened over the next few days: New York BLM members, progressives, democrats, and conservatives joined in a unified front against the “brown shirt” fascist dictates.


Other protests exploded across New York City. When the city’s Department of Education (DoE) fired 3,700 teachers, who were abandoned by their union, they shut down the Brooklyn Bridge when they crossed it and walked to the DoE’s building, where they  protested, chanting, “F@ck Joe Biden and De Blasio Must Go!” Separately, fired city healthcare workers, for not being vaccinated, burned their scrubs in anger, protesting the tyrannical vaccine mandates. Yet that didn’t stop Northwell Health from firing 1,400 of its unvaccinated workers, days later, from its hospitals out on Long Island.


The French citizens, who have been protesting lockdowns since 2020, have now been joined by Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, England, and many other countries protesting the vaccine passports. In the United States, fed up, pissed off, and angry Americans protest outside many city halls and states’ capital buildings on COVID restrictions, mask rules, vaccine passports, and third party businesses acting as “brown shirt” thugs in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and, come November, many sports arenas and stadiums. 


Where will all of the insanity and unconstitutional rules leave us? 


‘Enough Movement’

One organic, grassroots campaign had “enough,” the very word British rock star Eric Clapton used when he became deathly ill from the “clot shot.” At 76-years-old, the COVID vaccine blindsided Clapton, irrevocably changing his life for the worse.


From similar frustrations, the was born and launched last month. It has gained a fast international following. Why enough? Because that one word expresses the COVID fatigue and zeitgeist—the 77 percent angry. Now they have a way to vocalize it. 


They have had enough!


Whether your vaccinated or unvaccinated, “enough” resonates as it hits the core of people’s anger. The vaccinated have had enough with the lies of what’s in the toxic shots, enough with the call for booster shots, enough with businesses not being opened, enough to mask their children, enough with crony capitalism and the massive wealth transfer from dying small businesses to Big Corp, Big Gov, and Big Pharma. While the unvaccinated have also had enough. Enough with the vaccine lies, enough with the Fauci protocol of Remdesivir killing once healthy people in hospitals, enough with PCR-tests, enough with vaccine adverse events being suppressed, enough with vaccine shedding synthetic spike proteins poisoning the unvaccinated, enough with the vaccine passports, enough with federal debt ceilings raised again and again hyperinflating the markets, enough with government intrusions into their lives, and enough of the corruption in Washington, DC.


This author has his own list:

  • Enough of the fear porn,

  • Enough of Fauci’s lies

  • Enough of Bill Gates

  • Enough of Klaus Schwab

  • Enough of the WHO

  • Enough of China-greenmailed universities

  • Enough of U.S. health agencies 

  • Enough of the demolition of the U.S. economy

  • Enough of vaccine mandates

  • Enough of Communist China

  • Enough of infiltrated federal agencies

  • Enough of Big Corporate sellout of America

The Enough list goes to infinitum, really. 


No matter who you are, nearly two years into the COVID fraud, the COVID hoax, the COVID false flag virtually everyone has had it, fed up, pissed off, very angry, and most definitely had enough with everything thrust upon freedom loving, hardworking Americans.


When does the insanity halt? 


Juan O Savin had some insight. Friday, October 15, the U.S. economic data comes out and the lies about how decimated the U.S. economy has fallen—more than 41 percent of GDP—the globalists will no longer be able to spin the truth or cover it up with messaging. The truth will be ugly and the pissed off number of Americans will shoot above the red line of 80 percent.


So, what’s left for the Great Reset tyrants, vaccine pushers, and communist traitors? 


Grasping the Democrat playbook, the corrupt will find a “witch” to accuse and burn at the stake in hopes to calm down the swelling angry mobs of people. Who will the fall guy be? How about rogue President Joe Biden. The Dems will feed “Jurassic Joe” to the people. This time, however, the psy-op, lies, and red herrings won’t work.


Then, the angry people will act like a herd of swine from the Bible when they “trample on the pearls tossed to them” and go after the COVID planners, architects, and perpetrators.

When that moment happens, the tipping point flipped and the end of the COVID Ponzi scheme crashes with the nation debt and USA Inc.’s insolvency.


Be aware of angry Americans. If you’re not pissed off yet or had enough of the fraud, murders, and corruption then it’s time you see and not just looked, listen and not just hear. 


Your life and that of your friends and families may depend on you becoming awake.


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