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Covid & Vax “Misinformation,” Or Important “Dissenting Medical Opinion?”

Why is the medical establishment and its media backers so anti-dissenting opinions?  And so ham-fisted about trying to suppress them?

In the law, dissenting opinion is encouraged, and space for it is specifically reserved.  The US Supreme Court sometimes has 8 – 1 decisions, and 1 lone Justice writes an official “dissenting opinion,” saying the “establishment 8” are wrong.  Like Justice Harlan, who was the lone dissenter in the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson case that held that “separate but equal” (discrimination) is OK.

Heroic, dissenting Justice Harlan would be called a “purveyor of misinformation” & censored today.  Yet he was proved correct 58 years later in 1954 when Brown v. Board of Education outlawed segregation.

It is honorable to question authority and to dissent.

Dr. Fauci, Big Pharm & MSNBC’s Joy Reid say “get vaxxed–or be damned;” that’s the invasive surgery message here.  A naturopathic or holistic health professional, seeking less invasive remedies, might say “build your universal, overall immune system as a general, broad defense, and get some sunshine, exercise & Zinc.”

This is alternative “west coast hippie treatment,” if you will.   Why is this “misinformation,” instead of merely a dissenting, or minority, opinion?


Atty & Counselor at Law

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