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COVID: A Life Improvement Tool

COVID: A Life Improvement Tool

As I write this to you, I am unmasked, unmuzzled, unvaccinated, and unafraid.

First off, I would like to acknowledge all of you for your persistence and tenacity in this horrendous war against tyranny and global takeover.  Thank you for your individual efforts because as we all know, the power of prayer in life is greatest among the many. We are stronger in numbers. I am truly humble to be able to share these thoughts with you.   

We are living in a world absent of fact-based reasoning, reeling from the throes of mass formation psychosis, sincere ignorance, conscientious stupidity, and a lack of connection to our Creator.  People have been robbed of independent thought.  When you trade liberty for safety, you lose both.  A new variant called “Freedom” is spreading fast worldwide.  It transmits from heart to heart and is incurable and unstoppable.  Then, a friend told me that another new variant was called “Another Con”.

As casedemic, plandemic, and active holocaust survivors, we have demonstrated our resilience and flexibility in such a time as this for which we were created and have been armored.  We are witnessing acts of premeditated murder.  For evil to triumph, good people must do nothing.   Some people ask when are “they” going to do something?  We are the “they”!  

There are no politics now, only freedom vs. tyranny.  There are now global calls for accountability for criminal charges to be filed from America and many countries by many groups and various professionals.  The evil deep state is losing their fear hold and they know it and daily get more bizarre and radical in their behavior and mandates. Terrified people should not be in charge of anything. Their takeover is really unraveling at the local and State level.  People have drawn their line in the sand and peacefully resisted saying no more in an assertive and firm manner.  We have God on our side, they don’t.

Understand that the opposition you have experienced has helped you to clarify what you want and strengthen your resolve.  You have become a non-stick pad for all the false narratives being broadcasted daily.

The endgame as identified by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is humans entangled in the quantum field (quantum entanglement), transhumanism.  RFID chips, facial recognition, and social credit score systems as are being rolled out in Europe and Asia.  I believe it will fail over time.  If there is a risk, there must be a choice and people are resisting and saying no more.  No shot people are now being called pure bloods.

With that being said, know that God has our backs and we are under His protection and guidance in all things.  We must have unwavering faith and trust… fear should be  allowed in your world. Choose bravery over obedience. 

The globalists want 14 of 15 people dead in the world resulting in their desired reduction of ½ billion people in the world.  They are deleting knowledge-based people that keep our society running. We will defeat them, but a price will be paid in lives lost.  Evil regimes in decline become more dangerous and can still hurt you. We must protect the children, so figure out how you personally can do this.  Stay awake and alert daily and question everything.  Real power lies with the people, not with the authority.  Remember we the people give the power of authority.

So, you are asking yourself what can I do?  We can do much.  We are more powerful than you can ever imagine.  The evil zealots don’t stand a chance against committed people of God.  Become super spreaders of hope.  We alone have autonomy over our bodies in spite of living with others who have been brainwashed and willingly submitted to the bioweapon kill shot. We are the natural born antibodies for the culture of fear.

Understand that we cannot beat around the bush any longer, that direct dialogue is needed for complete understanding. 

There are 3 types of people in the world today: 

Group 1 people who submit to all authority.

Group 2 people who do not want to submit but actively choose to do so anyway. 

Group 3 people who have self-awareness and respect and won’t do moronic things.

Tyranny continues to exist because of Groups 1 and 2. Group 3 people bring down tyranny.  We need to give the evil cult our own “Freedom Reset”.  If you find yourself in the wrong group right now, simply get over it and change your mindset as it’s easy to do once you make a committed decision.  Our lives should be a paradise, not a prison. Do you know that in the revolutionary war, only 30% of the population actively participated as freedom fighters and that they were led by only a 3% leader base?

We must expand our being. Insecure people look outside themselves for validation when we must look, explore, and develop the inside our own being.  In order to transform our world, we have to transform ourselves and develop new understandings.  

It all starts with us.  My bible is my schoolbook of life and my guide for the learning of righteous behavior.

Have you ever thought of, or do you know your personal vision, mission, and purpose of your life on this planet?   If not, don’t you think now would be a good time to think about it, reflect on it, and write it down so you keep it on your daily roadmap of life?  This is what combats The COVID Roadmap and the Great Reset.

Your vision of life is the one you are building on this earth.

Your mission of life is why you exist to begin with.

Your purpose of life is how you live out you mission and vision.

Let me share mine with you.  The vision of my life is to experience love, peace, joy, happiness, and abundance on this earth.  The mission of my life to be of service to humanity through my nursing and health knowledge and experience.  The purpose of my life is to walk in His footsteps to heaven and along the way, develop all the God given talents and blessings I have been given.

The best way I have found to get a handle around all of this is to develop an annual vision picture board to empower, inspire, and motivate me.  The pictures reflect healthy body, mind, family, society, and finances to create balance in my life.

We are entering the phase of liberation of the planet in which the tyrants of power and going down while an escalation of freedom curtailments is being attempted.  The evil ones now fear us and to me that feels pretty good and tells me we are on the right track. The agenda of the politics of fear is beginning to lose.

Government is making arbitrary power moves that are totally non-factual without any science behind them.  You cannot stop the spread of anything with a fraudulent and weaponized so-called vaccine.  It is speculated that maybe there is no virus in nature since viruses are non-living things until they enter a host and that going back in history that Big Pharma created it all.  In the U.S., you cannot patent anything that occurs in nature, and all vaccines are patented.  Interesting……. We have learned anything is possible and things are not what they appear to be. 

We are living in a world of criminal governments and are seeing the related bribery, treason acts, fraud, murder, corruption, collusion, conspiracy, pedophilia, sex trafficking, slavery, and kidnapping.

Government pressure to consent to the shot by reasoning (the greater good), then induce consent (lottery, cars, scholarships), then coercion (no school, no work, no functioning in daily life).

Some are choosing to stay asleep to everything by continuing to mask, watching MSM, submitting to unsound mandates, staying silent, honoring their own apathy, and rewarding their indifference. We pray for them.

Cyber communication blackouts and food, water, and gas disruptions are anticipated.  Discuss regrouping plans with your family as to hunker down alone or relocate as a group to one family home.  Do your personalized prepping. 

All people experience trials and tribulations.  Some overcome them and win, and others despair and lose.  What is it that makes the difference?  What is it that gives us the ability to stay in success mode despite inside and outside influences to the contrary?

My experience tells me the answer to both success and failure lies in the thinking patterns we actively choose.  100% faith and trust in God can bring you back to the concept of resilience, developing a capacity to bounce back from the stress and trauma and create the necessary key strategies to use while experiencing life challenges.  Reflective thinking can return you to eliminating negative thinking, appreciating your strengths, regaining hope, and looking up to better things happening in your life.  Enter the concept of learned optimism.

You can lose your freedom voice if you allow someone to over control you, limiting your own growth, being over dependent on others, and not taking steps to control the anxiety and stress in your life.  What matters most is how you see yourself.

We interact with the world based on our beliefs and resultant thoughts, which then create emotions and feelings, which influence our choices and actions.  Every interaction displays and is an expression of your values. Abundance cannot find you unless you feel abundant. Commit to being happy for 24 hours.

Change is inevitable…growth is optional.  Be self-directed because the toughest challenge you face in life is yourself.  Stand up, be strong, and act.  Practice independence and personal responsibility.  Find and practice expressing your own thoughts.  As you speak your mind, do it effectively.  Be an effective communicator.

Strive to hone your creative skills and see options and alternatives.  If you see a need that is not being addressed, then think of a novel way to deal with it.  See common things in an uncommon way and see things uniquely.  Get into the flow, a state of concentration or complete absorption with the activity at hand and the situation.  Being in the flow is an optimal state on intrinsic motivation, a fully immersed focused attention in what you are doing.

The answer to winning in life is consistent and persistent strategic thinking, and the ability to stay in that mode despite inside and outside influences to the contrary.  We all have the ability to restore well-being and life balance.  

As Christians, we are in service to others. One simple act can have a lasting and ripple effect on the world. We can never truly know the power of the actions we take. A small gesture of help towards another person could literally turn out to have massive changing effects as those ripples spread out over the world.

I would like to share one of my daily reflections with you:

Let me remember to be grateful for being alive, for the abilities I have been given, for everyone that has touched my life, for every experience that has brought me to this day, for the lessons I have learned, for the opportunity to learn more, for all have received and all that is yet to come, for the fullness of joy, peace and abundance, for the wonder of love, and for knowing that God has a purpose for me.

I will continue to fight for my freedom and liberties, our Constitutional Republic, our beloved country, and my personal beliefs and values. 

I will not be intimidated, I will not be bullied, I will not be silenced. I have drawn my line in the sand.  Have you? 

Elaine Connelly, RN-C, CBCP

Wealth & Wellness Journey, Inc.

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