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Like many of you, we have had enough of the Mainstream Media (MSM) hype. The lack of context or evidence surrounding countless statements presented by the MSM as “fact”, and the MSM’s “science” that only supports the Official Narrative with regard to the pandemic and the “vaccines” is unacceptable. The corporate-owned, Big Pharma-controlled Mainstream Media works to support extreme government overreach on so many fronts to an unprecedented degree. Humanity is and always has been in danger of government overreach. Now is a moment in history where YOU can decide to stand for freedom in an impactful way. THE FLAME will bring truth and transparency with common sense articles and solutions to real-world problems.

America has a big problem! We are at war and most people don’t even know it. It is a war for our minds, bodies, and souls. The government and mainstream media have a grip on humanity and are censoring common sense and critical thinking. We can’t even question the narrative without being cancelled. You are being mandated to discard your constitutional rights, told it is temporary, and cannot disagree that it is for your own wellbeing. The real information exists but it is not permitted to be presented. The foundation of our great nation is in peril. This is how Tyranny has gained a stronghold on our great country and the world. If America falls, the whole world falls!
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Anna and Nicole

Our Mission

Fight tyranny and censorship by distributing “truth bombs” across America and inspiring widespread citizen-led action to spread COMMON SENSE and TRUTH like WILDFIRE across AMERICA.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

Attributed by Edmund Burke

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Editorial Team

Our team consists of seasoned political observers grounded in reality and connected to everyday citizens!

We search out the truth from all sources and present it for our readers, arm them with the facts — not biased narratives.

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Nicole Orozco

Co-Founder &

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Anna Kane

Co-Founder &
Chief Executive Officer

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Danelle Hagen

Arizona State Coordinator

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Lori Rehagen

Missouri State Coordinator

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Michelle Darnell


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Jeremy Rochan

Administrative Coordinator

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Renee Spatney

Ohio State Coordinator

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