Our Country is under siege from censorship

True and accurate information has been actively suppressed to keep the people of our great nation in the dark and to serve the ruling elite’s agenda. 

Our solution is to reach beyond censorship and the multibillion-dollar corporate narratives with an old school idea: A physical print paper that offers views, commentary and resources to promote critical thinking and help ordinary citizens hold our elected representatives accountable to the People. Click below to subscribe to The Flame News and get truth, accuracy and and insightful content! Get started for as low as $4.99 (paper) and $1.99 (digital)

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August 2023 Edition
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Reset Your Future - How to prepare for uncertain times

The future is uncertain with more inflation and economic troubles coming our way. Learn how to “reset” your future, protect your assets and benefit from physical investments such as gold and silver. Click the image and learn more.

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